Monday, April 16, 2012

The International Dermatology Institute Technical Forum

Showcasing Breakthrough Technologies for Active Compounds Value Creation
April 26th, 2012, 3pm - 5pm
(followed by a wine and cheese networking reception)
TRI Princetoin Campus, 601 Prospect Ave, Princeton, NJ
Kindly RSVP by April 24th to Dina Walker, 609-430-4828 or


DermaNest & TRI Center for Skin Science & Applied Dermatology Dr. Mathieu Petitjean and Dr. Michael Drzewinski
An introduction to the mission and capabilities of DermaNest, the TRI Center for Skin Science & Applied Dermatology, and the International Institute for Dermatology.
2D+ : Innovation in Cell Culturing Technology (Cytoo) Dr. Lisa Minor
This innovative 2D+ technology enables major improvements in culturing cells to increase assay reproducibility and reliability while improving the capacity to achieve a more physiological phenotype in cells cultured on 2D surfaces without resorting to a 3D culture system. Since each micro-pattern is identical (hundreds per well), cells perform in a reproducible and consistent manner decreasing the use of primary cells and permitting less replicates per data point. (
SDG a 3-Dimensional Network that Incorporates and Stabilizes Multiple Drugs of Various Physicochemical Properties (Agigma) Dr. Nena Gulobovic-Liakopoulos
This unique topical and trans-dermal technology platform enables the development of formulations that are cosmetically attractive while incorporating, stabilizing, and releasing multiple actives or drugs. For pharmaceutical applications it enables the formulation of drug combinations that have not previously been possible generating possibilities to re-purpose products that have previously been used for the treatment of other diseases and/or have not been available for dermal line extensions.

Kindly RSVP by April 24th to Dina Walker, 609-430-4828 or

The International Dermatology Institute (IDI) Created

April 5, 2012, Princeton, NJ -DermaNest, a wholly owned subsidiary of MedNest, and TRI/Princeton have joined together to create the International Dermatology Institute (IDI) and announce it’s first-ever IDI Technical Forum on Thursday, April 26 th , 3 – 5 pm, on the TRI/Princeton Campus.

The International Dermatology Institute (IDI) offers dermatology focused start-up companies from around the world the opportunity to effectively advance their business, especially in the US. By leveraging the services of DermaNest and the TRI Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology, small companies can locate themselves within and receive services from IDI on the Princeton, NJ based TRI Campus. The Princeton area is the heart of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech, drug discovery and life-sciences ecosystem in the world, and also includes the headquarters and laboratories of many world class skin care, cosmeticeutical and wound-care companies. TRI and DermaNest share the common mission of aiding organizations in the development of personalized dermatology and cosmetics by providing technical solutions that include predictive diagnostics, imaging devices and therapeutic methods for the advanced dermatological, cosmetic, and wound care markets.

To learn more about the IDI Model, please visit DermaNest and TRI Princeton Websites

TRI Princeton is a non-profit research Institute dedicated to Research, Education and Service in advanced industries for more than 80 years and is a recognized authority in cosmetic science. TRI provides technical innovation, research and claim support to the cosmetic and dermatology industries in addition to hosting various educational forums for professional scientists, including annual international conferences. TRI’s Center for Skin Science and Advanced Dermatology specializes in the study of skin’s structure, behavior and variability with the goal of a more personalized approach to skin protection and repair based on genetic predisposition and variations occurring from age, disease and environmental impact. Researchers within the Center interact with partners across various disciplines to bring about productive exchange of ideas and to implement meaningful results.

DermaNest develops the business of International Personalized Cosmetics and Skin-Care Solutions and Services for the US Markets. Personalized Solutions include Predictive Diagnostics, Therapies and Companion Diagnostics, for the Cosmetic, Cosmeceuticals and Wound Care markets. DermaNest's business model and highly experienced team empower early stage companies to play in high growth market segments, at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.