Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Complexion Imaging: the 7th Generation

This is not like the "7th Generation" of the Star Wars Series. We are talking about the sophisticated  VISIA Complexion Analysis from CANFIELD, who are now in its 7th product iteration.

The renowned company is making a complicated and tricky process (believe it or not, a robust face and complexion image is very tricky to do) into a very user-friendly system.

Standardized images required a very sophisticated imaging methodology, which includes standardized lighting (yes... including polarization and frequencies !!!) and image capture parameters. This is particularly critical when post-imaging image analysis is part of the package. Otherwise...how is is the comparison relevant.

Some of the multiple image post-analysis features offered by the company are very nice, and are relevant in practice. Other are really borderline.... like the "eyelash" analysis. Seriously?? who is ready to pay for this.

Well, we really like the product.
Is this only for cute white caucasian ladies as featured on their website. I would suggest a more diverse view of the market and marketing positioning (or is the product not capable to work on dark or asian skins ?). Hmmmm ?