Monday, April 1, 2013

Dermatoscope DermLite DL100

Dermatoscope DermLite DL100, The Ultimate Versatile Powerhouse for depth dependent dermatoscopy The versatile DermLite, or sometimes called ''DermaLite'' (with the ''a''), has a multitude of applications: Viewing pigmented lesions, varicose veins, hair transplants, skin irritations, or skin lesions is just the beginning. 

Together with the DermLite's compact size and lightweight design (only 3.5 oz/99g), the possibilities are virtually infinite. DermLite is the original choice for oil-free pocket epiluminescence microscopy. DermLite DL100 speeds up the early detection of melanoma with enhanced visualization of pigmented skin lesions - without the use of oil.

By incorporating diode lighting technology for bright-white, natural illumination, a 10x Hastings Triplet lens and advanced cross-polarization technology, DermLite allows for a clear and deep view into pigmented lesions for early detection of melanoma and dysplastic nevi in a matter of seconds

Price: ~$700.00

Diagnostic DYADERM Fluorescence Diagnosis

Biocam Diagnostic DYADERM Fluorescence Diagnosis, for early detection of malignancies by fluorescence imaging, supporting the physician for the diagnosis of malignant melanoma as well as basal cell carcinoma, actinic keratosis, squamous cell disease, Morbus Bowen and other inflammatory diseases of the skin. 

The product, sold in the EU, does not seem to be FDA cleared.

Key features include:

  • Real-time display of fluorescence and clinical in special overlay mode. 
  • Usability under ambient light. Up to 3 live images (full screen, split screen).
  • Fluorescence- guided biopsy and diagnosis (investigator-independent). 
  • Detection of clinical invisible (incipient) lesions. 
  • Monitoring of therapeutic success, e.g. following surgery, cryotherapy, PDT. Professional data base for documentation. Flexible arm for easy positioning of camera and light source. 
  • Image spot size: typical 10 cm x 10 cm Filming speed: 33 Hz
Price: ~ $50,000

Derma Spectrometer DSM II ColorMeter

DermaSpectrometerprovides a new and innovative approach to color measurement read-out of the erythema and melanin indices based on the absorbance characteristics of the human skin. 

It is fully handheld, battery powered and microprocessor controlled to provide fast, easy and safe operation. Its fully handheld and lightweight design takes advantage of the latest development in color sensing technology, and the cable connected color sensing probe offers the highest degree of freedom and flexibility in operation.

Further, a special lens arrangement focuses on the target area and highly reduces the influence of ambient light. The instrument provides easy selection of different color systems, and calibration by using the supplied calibrator is done in seconds.

Price: ~ 7,000US Dollars