Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SCHOTT skin counseling system

(Launched Sept 9th 2013) 

SCHOTT skin counseling systems are used by international cosmetic manufacturers as marketing tools. The new i-Scope® Viewer for AndroidTM was developed to achieve a more handy counseling method using tablet computers. The product is now available on Google Play™ (!! Cool!)  in three languages: English, Japanese and Chinese.

i-Scope® Viewer for Android™ is the fitting software for i-Scope® USB 2.0. The program allows users to easily observe their skin conditions in detail: by moving the scope along their skin, shooting images and saving them, comparing two images in one screen or viewing multiple saved images simultaneously. i-Scope® USB 2.0 is a scope equipped with a 1.3 mega CMOS sensor that can be used to observe skin, scalp and hair conditions by connecting the USB cable to a computer. Five lens options are available. 

Features of i-Scope® USB 2.0 Android™ and specification of i-Scope® Viewer for Android™

•Connection: Wired (mini-USB cables sold separately)
•No additional setting necessary on tablet PC; easy connection 
•Stable view of moving pictures 
•Compatible devices: Versions after Android ver. 3.2 are USB host capable (except for some devices) 
•Can check skin conditions by shooting still images 
•Can display two images in one screen. Can check different parts of the skin 
•Can save displayed images 
•Can display multiple saved images 
•Available in English, Japanese and Chinese