Friday, August 3, 2012

The Center For Dermal Research Joins The International Dermatology Institute
Princeton, July 31st 2012
The Center For Dermal Research (CDR) joins the International Dermatology Institute (IDI) alongside DermaNest and TRI/Princeton. IDI announces it’s third IDI Technical Forum, which will take place on Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

IDI offers start-up companies specialized in dermatology, around the world, the opportunity to expand their business, focusing on the US. By leveraging the services of DermaNest, CDR and the TRI Center for Skin Science and Applied Dermatology, small companies can position themselves within and receive services from IDI on the Princeton Campus. The Princeton area is the heart of the largest pharmaceutical, biotech, drug discovery and life sciences ecosystem in the world, and also includes the best in class laboratories of skin care, cosmeticeutical and wound-care companies. 

CDR, TRI and DermaNest share the common mission of aiding organizations in the development of personalized dermatology and cosmetics. Together, they provide technical solutions including predictive diagnostics, imaging devices and therapeutic methods for the advanced dermatological, cosmetic, and wound-care markets.

To learn more about the IDI Model, please visit DermaNest’s website.

CDR, on the Rutgers campus in Piscataway, New Jersey, offers professional development opportunities for its paid industrial members, networking with researchers from industry and academia, research collaborations with the Laboratory for Drug Delivery, connections with other faculty and research groups conducting skin research. The CDR is the first dermatopharmaceutics research center in New Jersey conducting studies on topical and transdermal compound delivery, skin biology and skin tissue engineering. The CDR provides quality educational opportunities for its members through workshops, seminar series, symposia and courses.

TRI Princeton is a non-profit research Institute, more than 80 years old, dedicated to Research, Education and Service in advanced industries. It is a recognized authority in cosmetic science. TRI provides technical innovation, research and claim support to the cosmetic and dermatology industries in addition to hosting various educational forums for professional scientists, including annual international conferences. TRI’s Center for Skin Science and Advanced Dermatology specializes in the study of skin’s structure, behavior and variability with the goal of a more personalized approach to skin protection and repair based on genetic predisposition and variations occurring from age, disease and environmental impact. Researchers within the Center interact with partners across various disciplines to bring about productive exchange of ideas and to implement meaningful results