Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How Skin Coloration arises

Sometimes it is good to recall the fundamentals: he skin consists of a number of layers with distinct function and distinct optical properties. 

White light shone onto the skin penetrates superficial skin layers and whilst some of it is absorbed, much is remitted back and can be registered by a camera.

The key to the interpretation of image colors in terms of the underlying histological parameters is a model of tissue coloration which provides a cross-reference between the colour and the histology. 

Here is a model discussed ( Weblink)

This model is constructed by computing the spectral composition of light remitted from the skin given parameters specifying its structure and optical properties. This step needs to be carried out only once. As the mapping between the colours and the parameters is unique for the skin, each colour corresponds to one specific set of histological parameters.

The model of normal skin coloration is representative of all the normal skins, irrespective of racial origin, age or gender. The structure remains the same, and the only differences are in the magnitudes of the parameters.

Abnormal skin coloration

The model above has been constructed for skin which has a normal structure. Skin coloration associated with abnormal conditions does not necessarily have to conform to this model.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Cool: BASF Skin Care Forum !

BASF hosts a blog on Skin Care, with articles that are well done, covering a wide spectrum of topics ranging from Skin, Air care to regulatory and Toxicology matters. 

Very well done, and we recommend a few specific recent articles:

"Geriatric Dermatology" , June 2014 by Christos Zouboulis

"Male Skin Care in the U.S. Markets", June 2014 by Zoe Draelos

"Trends in Home Care Devices," Feb 2014 by Imogen Matthews.

Now ... a search on "personalized" yields nothing... hummm perhaps we should team up there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Integrated skin cancer sequential monitoring & telemedicine solutions"

"Integrated skin cancer sequential monitoring & telemedicine solutions". 

Well... that was enough to tease our interest when our Google Alerts bubbled this one up.

But there is nothing behind the cool pictures of the webpage.

Boooooooo !

At least.. we agree on the vision.

(Experience it by yourself here)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

EMAGE Advanced Skin Imaging

The EMAGE Advanced Skin Imaging system is an Advanced, all-digital Triple Spectral Skin Analysis which allows Aesthetica Medical Spa estheticians to view and report our client’s pore and wrinkle depth, pigmentation, and vascularity, texture, porphyrin and sebum, and more, all with incredible accuracy.
Intense magnification using a 16-megapixel-imaging array reveals extensive detail, making recommendations for laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, neurotoxins, fillers and cosmeceuticals simple and easy to explain.

With the EMAGE you can

  • Examine targeted areas under intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV light
  • Create multiple, high-quality views of the face
  • Map, measure and analyze fine lines, pigmentation, and vascularity
  • Evaluate skin tone and texture
  • Helps suggest comprehensive services/products available at Aesthetica Medical Spa and Laser Center
  • Uncovers future problem areas
  • Provides consistent, comparative analysis which helps Aesthetica estheticians and practitioners to track treatment effectiveness.

More on the manufacturer Website, including a Free Trial.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Vivascan, by Caliber I.D.

VivaScan is a safe, painless and simple in-office procedure that provides cellular images to enable your doctor to make a diagnosis and decide on treatment. 

With harmless laser light, VivaScan produces clear images of your skin cells that reveal a level of detail that, until now, was only possible with a traditional invasive biopsy. 

Because VivaScan does not damage the skin the way a biopsy does, it can take repeat images of the same area over time. With pain-free skin imaging, precise image quality, and fast results, VivaScan gives you a new level of comfort and confidence when caring for your skin.

The VivaScan® software makes it easy to schedule patients for examinations, perform imaging examinations on one or more lesions during a visit, review, and report on images obtained during an examination. VivaScan® operates each device in the VivaScope® product line. It is used on stand-alone devices, on VivaScope® imaging and reading systems connected by intranet within the same facility, and on systems at different facilities connected by way of the VivaNet® digital telepathology network.
The VivaScan® software is designed to accommodate a wide variety of customer needs, from a solo practitioner to an imaging group with several VivaScope® systems and access to more than one dermatopathologist.

CALIBER I.D. presents a full product line for Skin Imaging / Vivascope systems:

VivaScope® systems offer clinicians and researchers in the fields of medicine and product development the possibility of a real- time, noninvasive optical biopsy of the skin.

VivaScope® 1500 and VivaScope® 3000 systems are FDA 510(k) cleared and have become an integral part of many dermatology clinics and medical institutions for the diagnosis of skin cancers and diseases, and for the evaluation of wound-healing processes and treatment outcomes.

VivaScope® 1500 Multilaser systems are well suited for a wide variety of product development applications for skin care, and have been used by scientists world-wide for the evaluation of cosmeceuticals and pharmaceuticals for more than a decade.
Benefits of VivaScope® Systems:
•Quasi-histologic, cellular imaging comparable to histopathology
•Noninvasive, repeatable imaging; no tissue damage
•Skin tumor diagnosis with high sensitivity and specificity
•Real-time visualization of blood flow and inflammatory processes
•Therapeutic monitoring of the same area of skin over time
•Quantitative data for skin layer thickness and cell sizes
•FDA 510(k) cleared medical imaging technology

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

3Derm: Engineering undergrads win $100,000 prize for skin imaging device

A team of rising juniors at Yale beat out graduate and undergraduate students from around the country in a national competition to create novel technology for improved healthcare delivery.
Elizabeth Asai, Nick Demas and Elliot Swart won the prize for their development of an early melanoma detection device called a "Stereoscopic Plug-and-Play Dermatoscope and Web Interface." 
Their small, user-friendly, low-cost camera can be used by a doctor or patient to capture and upload 3D pictures to a web-based directory that dermatologists can access to remotely analyze and monitor the topography and volume changes of skin moles.
Next.. they create their company 3Derm:

3Derm combines breakthrough imaging hardware with secure cloud-based software to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Magic Ring Skin Analysis Test Machine

We are pleased to quote the recent article from "Future Ready Singapore" that showcases four Skincare Innovations for Asian women, including one specific image-based Skin Analysis tool: 

" Asian women boast a wide range of complexions and skin textures. Premium skincare brand SK-II invented the Magic Ring Skin Analysis Test Machine to provide tailor-made skincare counselling, leveraging US consumer product giant P&G’s extensive research into skin science. 

Invented in Japan, the device takes a high-resolution picture of the skin and then analyses skin conditions in areas such as texture, firmness, wrinkles, radiance and spots. 

Based on the results, the beauty advisor then suggests a personalised skincare treatment regime."

April 16th , 2014: Nice review on INSTYLES. See here

January 2013 : First Bloggers Workshop in Singapore. See Here.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Focus Camera from EXO Labs: Made for iPad

EXO Labs launches a ruggedized microscope Camera that leverages the iPad platform ( with a "free" App) as a control system and image management tool, targeting the K-12 & Higher Education and Lab needs. This $496 Digital Camera (and App)  is a plug and play accessory to any microscope and iPad device. We think this is highly priced (when compared to an iPad or School Microscope), but that is probably going to go down with adoption and volume.

There is a very little technology gap to bridge and expand to Skin or Wound Imaging, and that is why we wanted to quote this system on our Blog.

In any case.. very cool. Congrats to EXO Labs !!

Monday, February 17, 2014

DermaCompare: "designed to revolutionize the process of diagnosing melanoma" (...Really ?)

Out of Israel, DermaCompare, a market-centric spin off from Esmeral Medical, is promoting a Cloud-based sophisticated image processing technology fro skin imaging. The skin lesions detection software solution is designed to revolutionize the process of diagnosing  melanoma, the major cause of skin cancer related mortality. 

DermaCompare supports early stage diagnosis of skin cancer by providing constant monitoring of suspicious skin lesions using various  imaging methods, thereby significantly increasing the chances of treating the condition, as well as lowering the cost and complexity of treatment.

The product is not FDA approved and detailed information / case studies / performance of the system is not very accessible. We would love to know more ( leave a comment).

Their YouTube clip provides some fuzzy screen captures, some insights on the technology platform ( " we use aerial defense technology to save 420 million people from skin cancer") but does not discuss clinical efficacy nor business models.