Wednesday, May 30, 2012

About SKINLABS and Personalized Cosmetics

The creators of SkinLabs (Bordeaux, France) have 20 years of expertise in R & D products and diagnostic techniques for skin and hair cosmetics top brands. Today SkinLabs is positioned as the expert in hair, skin and scalp diagnosis imaging. Skinlabs carries its own brand of products "turnkey" products including electronics, computing, mechanics, design and packaging:

The key applications for the Skinlab Products are
- Diagnostic skin and hair 
- Equipment for the care sector aesthetic 
- Medical Devices analysis of skin diseases (none launched yet)
- Equipment to support POS ( Point of Sale) consultative sales.
Skinlabs will be presenting at the International Dermatology Institute Technical Forum of June 12th 2012 , at the opportunities to use the Skinlab Technology Platform in  the area of Personalized Cosmetics will be explored. Indeed, Skinlabs's technology platform can enable portable/mobile (e.g. iPad enabled) skin imaging system that could be used in conjunction with a retail skincare or cosmeceutical program.

About ARANZ Medical and Personalized Cosmetics ?

ARANZ Medical (Christchurch, New Zealand) develops technology based solutions to solve customers’ problems in different healthcare application areas. The group currently employs staff with high level skills in mathematics, software, hardware, manufacturing and business.
To date ARANZ Medical has demonstrated technical and commercial success in application areas as diverse as 3D modeling, data collection for movie making special effects, and custom fitted orthotics and prosthetics. Examples include:
  • one of ARANZ’s first customers was Weta Digital who used our FastSCAN technology to bring to life animated characters in movie block busters such as Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  • the ARANZ-developed Hanger Insignia system is installed in hundreds of clinics in the United States for custom fitting prostheses to amputees, and orthotics.
  • ARANZ Medical products are in use in more than 25 countries.
From Personalized Wound Care to personalized Cosmetics ?
The Silhouette™ Product Suite seamlessly allows efficient capture and documentation of electronic wound assessment information including images, measurements and clinical notes. Information is integrated from the point-of-care devices to a centralized wound information database. The point-of-care devices capture 3D information about the skin and wound surface so that measurements are more precise. Point-of-care devices include SilhouetteStar™ + SilhouetteConnect™ and SilhouetteMobile™. The wound information database, SilhouetteCentral™, provides the data management capability at the heart of the system, giving users the ability to rapidly organize, share, report and analyze captured wound assessment information.

The Silhouette Product Suite has been developed by ARANZ Medical Limited for medical professionals involved with wound care. ARANZ Medical continues to improve the Silhouette products and is open to modifying the system to meet specific customers' needs.
At DermaNest, we are particularly excited about the potential of Silhouette both in the Wound Care Market and in teh Skin Care Market. Indeed, such technology can provide a professional ( as opposed to consumer) wound-skin imaging solution that can be used for use in combination of a Wound Care and or skin care or cosmetic program.
Silhouette will be showcased at the International Dermatology Technical Forum of June 12th 2012 where the application to Skin care and personalized cosmetics will be explored.

ARANZ Medical and SKINLABS present at IDI Technical Forum of June 12, 2012

The International Dermatology Institute (IDI)Technical Forum
Showcasing Breakthrough Technologies that Innovate in Personalized Cosmetics
June 12th 2012, 3pm - 5pm
(followed by a wine and cheese networking reception)
TRI Princeton Campus, 601 Prospect Ave, Princeton, NJ

Technology Showcase:

ARANZ Medical (Christchurch, New Zealand, develops technology based solutions to solve customers’ problems in differing healthcare application areas. ARANZ’s Silhouette™ Product Suiteseamlessly integrates point-of-care wound assessment data capture with a central wound information management database for efficient wound monitoring and wound outcomes management.  This technology platform has the potential to also solve imaging and personalized solutions in the skin care and cosmeceutical emerging market.

SKINLABS (Bordeaux, France, ) designs and commercializes image-based diagnostique and quantification solutions for skin, hair and scalp to support cosmeceutical research and point-of-sale commercial activities.  Skinlabs is opened to design and manufacture OEM solutions for large cosmeceutical companies.