Tuesday, July 15, 2014

EMAGE Advanced Skin Imaging

The EMAGE Advanced Skin Imaging system is an Advanced, all-digital Triple Spectral Skin Analysis which allows Aesthetica Medical Spa estheticians to view and report our client’s pore and wrinkle depth, pigmentation, and vascularity, texture, porphyrin and sebum, and more, all with incredible accuracy.
Intense magnification using a 16-megapixel-imaging array reveals extensive detail, making recommendations for laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, neurotoxins, fillers and cosmeceuticals simple and easy to explain.

With the EMAGE you can

  • Examine targeted areas under intense magnification in normal, polarized, and UV light
  • Create multiple, high-quality views of the face
  • Map, measure and analyze fine lines, pigmentation, and vascularity
  • Evaluate skin tone and texture
  • Helps suggest comprehensive services/products available at Aesthetica Medical Spa and Laser Center
  • Uncovers future problem areas
  • Provides consistent, comparative analysis which helps Aesthetica estheticians and practitioners to track treatment effectiveness.

More on the manufacturer Website, including a Free Trial.