Wednesday, November 9, 2016

OKU : Personal Skin Coach : is it real?

OKU Claims to be the first iPhone enabled Personal Skin Coach, and is now taking pre-orders on line.

The idea of an iPhone connected imaging interface that addresses the major challenges of reproducible and quantified skin imaging is definitely attractive, and there is a market for that..

But OKU's technology platform remains a big mystery. For engineers, the "OKU Technology" tab on the company website is simply disappointing. Name dropping "dermoscopy", "nanotechnology" and "spectroscopy" just alone simply does not work for us. Indeed, the potential of such technologies can be fantastic.... please tell us more! Show us how it works ( a little movie maybe ?) ... this is how you will make a difference as skin imaging is not trivial.

Having said that, and despite the cute but disappointing "marketing packaging" of the entire website (and lack of real product pictures, images and data), there are several product features that are quite attractive, including the portable imaging device and its docking station (please convince me that this is not "just" a webcam) and the simple and effective design of the iPhone App.

So in short....taking pre-orders at $249.95 for a due-date of "late Spring 2015" is a very aggressive call, and will probably convince grand parents who want to make a graduation present to their high-school grand-daughter with chronic acne. 

Please let's be serious.... show us a real product, explain your technology, show us real data and pictures to be more convincing. there is a lot going on in this industry and we all expect more fro a incoming player.

Google alerts are active on "OKU". We shall see.

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