Sunday, May 7, 2017

An Update on FF-OCT's Light CT from LLTECH

A few weeks ago, we showcased Paris based DAMAE MEDICAL, a two-years old startup preparing for the launch of a LC-OCT skin imaging system. I thought it would be fair to give an update on the progress of 7-year old LLTECH, also  a Paris based company offering imaging systems based on the very elegant FF-OCT optical method.

Lead by talented CEO Bertrand the Poly and world-class scientist and leader CSO Pr. Claude Boccara, the company has perfected the Light CT system over the past years into a "plug-and-play"imaging system that simplifies the sample/tissue handling and preparation process thanks to an innovative 'cassette' that holds the tissue ( for instance, directly in the surgical room) and plugs directly into the imaging system.

As a reminder, Full-field optical coherence tomography (FFOCT) offers a fast and non-destructive method of obtaining "en-face" images of biological tissues at high resolution (1μm in all 3 directions), approaching traditional histological sections.

The LLTECH team is gathering more and more clinical evidence as they build their value proposition as a stain-free digital pathology system.The product is available for sale as a research only use.

Most interestingly, a significant enhancement with "time-resolved" FF-OCT is in the works, allowing frequency-resolved imaging ! now... that is exciting as one of the weaknesses of all these OCT techniques is the lack of specificity for any given biological / cellular feature ( this is just like ultrasounds.... OCT "sees"structures"and optical-index discontinuities very well, but is poorly sensitive to chemistry".  The Method is called Dynamic FF-OCT or D-FFOCT and is another brain child of Pr. Boccara and PhD candidate Clement Apelian (read publications here). Below is an image of a cancerous skin tissue (mouse) where T-cells are tagged in red because of their specific frequency response. ( Tumor are in dark green and we can see all the T-cells around and in between the tumors, in movement in the extra-tumoral collagen matrix).

In the meantime, LLTECH is raising funds both in the US and Europe. LLTech is currently listed on PropelX a US funding platform linked to the MIT making the investment easy.

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