Wednesday, May 3, 2017

French DAMAE MEDICAL prepares LC-OCT Skin System

Two-years old startup DAMAE MEDICAL (Paris,France) is already an award-winning young company. Under the leadership of a charismatic female CEO, Anais Barut (who proudly posts her pictures with former president Francois Hollande...), the company readies to launch an innovative LC-OCT hand-held skin inspection system, called OLIV.

To our desapointment, LC-OCT does not stand for Low Cost OCT! But we are really excited about the quality of the LC-OCT images produced as the optical method is strategically placed between scanning OCT and Confocal microscopy. Offering a X-Y, and Z resolution of ~1micron, even at 800 micron depth, the technique offers Z-slicing or virtual biopsie and can rebuild X-Y "en face" virtual biopsies.

Real-time imaging seems to be compatible with usual motion artifacts due to patient upper limb movement during exams, which is a good news.

Target markets include dermatology virtual-biopsy tissue/skin assesment for the triage (and hopefully soon diagnostic) of both melanoma and  carcinoma.The product is not approved by FDA , nor commercialized in the US, but the team is looking for clinical partners in the US to get on-board ( "Contact" on their webpage).

In the meantime, the usual "non-regulated" markets could be a nice way to start.We are thinking about Research only Use for Skin-condition drug development, cosmeceuticals (obviously) and Tissue / biopsy quality control.

So in short:very cool. Cannot wait to see the face of the current players when the product hits the US market. If anyone wnats to join me to invest in the company.... let me know.

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